Step into an immersive experience at Jiak Kim House, housed in a beautiful 1920s conservation warehouse on Jiak Kim Street along the iconic Singapore River.

Inspired by its storied past, our space is redesigned to offer a warm setting fusing heritage with modernity. Once a renowned nightclub, our space invites exploration, sparking conversations in an ambiance that narrates stories.

From the distinct arch ‘pediment’ to the chic ‘living room’ ambiance, our space narrates tales of its storied past. The century-old architectural gem, marked by timber trusses and a scallop-shaped roof pediment, offers an intimate dining experience. Explore the main dining room with its banquette seating and the private dining enclave—a perfect fusion of history and modernity.

Immerse yourself in our culinary time capsule, where every dish is a tribute and every visit is a step into a House of Stories, where every detail speaks of tales waiting to unfold.