house of stories

At Jiak Kim House, more than a restaurant, we tell stories that intertwine the rich tapestry of the past with the innovation of the present. From the ambiance to the cuisine, every element has a story to tell.

Tan Jiak Kim - Hairpin
Jiak Kim Street Warehouse

As you step into our House of Stories, let each corner unveil the tales of yesteryear, creating an immersive experience where the past comes alive in the present. Nestled in a century-old warehouse, our commitment to Modern Asian Cuisine becomes a bridge between traditions and contemporary tastes, paying homage to Singapore’s vibrant history.

Join us in celebrating the art of storytelling, where each visit is not just a meal but a journey through time.

Meet our Chef Partner


The Asian-inspired menu at Jiak Kim House is the brainchild of Chef Partner, Seow Tzi Qin, affectionately known as “Chef TQ”. Concurrently, Chef TQ serves as the Group Executive Chef at The Brewerkz Group, overseeing the operations of its nine restaurants.

With over a decade of experience, Chef TQ has also held prominent roles, including Executive Head Chef at Fullerton 1919 Waterboat House and was part of the team at highly acclaimed Les Amis and Le Saint Julien. His extensive background brings a wealth of experience to Jiak Kim House.

Bold and imaginative by nature, Chef TQ blends traditional flavours and ingredients from North, South and Southeast Asia with contemporary culinary techniques. This culinary alchemy weaves narratives from around the world into each dish at Jiak Kim House. Chef TQ’s mission is to transform the dining experience into a communal celebration of culture, stories and flavour.

Let Chef TQ take you on a culinary journey at Jiak Kim House.


Seow Tzi Qinis affectionately known as Chef TQ. Elevating his expertise as the Executive Head Chef at 1919 Waterboat House and later, the Group Executive Chef at The Brewerkz Group, Chef TQ is more than a chef; he’s a storyteller.

Passionately fusing traditional Asian flavours with contemporary techniques, Chef TQ crafts a memorable dining experience. Sharing moments with dining guests, he tantalizes taste buds and narrates the stories behind his Southeast Asian-inspired cuisine, creating an extra memorable experience.

Family is at the heart of everything Chef TQ does. He believes in treating kitchen staff, front of house, and customers like family, bringing the best version of himself to the kitchen. Join Chef TQ on a culinary journey at Jiak Kim House.